and too Florida, to do

Just a few short hours after we arrived in Denver, Adam woke up and headed to work and I pack up Olive and headed back to the Airport via the RTD busses.
I was flying standby and luckily flying alone. I got the last seat on the plane due to a couple who wanted to fly together…
In Orlando, I have had a very busy schedule while Adam is in Colorado busily working to get everything finished up there. I think we may finally get a restful sleep in two or three weeks.
This has been my crazy three days:

Picked up from Airport
Tijuana Flats for Taco Tuesday
Home to Bed
8:30 am…fun run at Bryce’s school
Go home to Brandons
Have lunch with Bryce at school

Get ring shined
Pick Bryce up from school
Meet for late snack with grandparents and Aunt Judi
Walmart for toothpaste and floss
Go get Olive
Olive’s Vet appointment
Mom made dinner
Pick Olive up from groomer

Meet Kim for coffee
Go to Wellsfargo
Passport Photos at Walgreens
Dentist Appointment
AAA for International Drivers License
Call Frontier, change Flight
Pick up Mom
Meet Grandparents for lunch

Radio Shack with Converter (need to go back with cord for computer to buy right one)
5/3 Bank, Order Yen
Back to Wellsfargo to get $ to buy Yen
Back to 5/3rd to buy Yen
Movies with Mom
Pick Bryce Up
Joann’s for Crocheting goodies

Back to Mom’s for dinner
Meet Kelly for drinks
Call CC change address
Go back to Radio Shack with cord to buy converters
Make list for Grandma for Olive’s care and shots etc to prepare for move
Contact Apartment company in Japan to set up appointment
Register with Embassy

Basically, it goes on forever…its like errands on speed…

Adam is home, still working his tail off…delivering our life to goodwill and cleaning…

And now there is a snow storm hitting Colorado, I may not be able to come home until Saturday..haha this is me laughing inside since we leave Monday morning.

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