Viva Las Vegas

How many blogs come up when you search that title? I don’t know how original it is, but well, it just flows natural.Even the butchersimg_20180911_135537_603

Two weeks ago we went to Vegas. Our house was empty and it is pretty impossible to live in a place with children with no beds, tvs, toys or couches, table or chairs. I originally booked a time share spot with Tahiti Village. But due to Adam’s work schedule and their incredibly rude customer service representative not doing her due diligence and job, we cancelled. This was a shame because man it got great reviews and their facebook ads make it look like the best place to stay in Vegas with a family.

Good news is Vegas hotels on weekdays are surprisingly inexpensive. I ended up booking the Cancun Resort for less than $80 a night for a 2 bedroom Villa. Ha! I should have known better, this too was a time share and from the moment I walked in, the concierge had welcome packages upon welcome packages to give me…I quickly learned how to avoid the employees. With that being said, this Diamond Resort Time Share would never


receive my business again. The staff was so incredibly unfriendly, with the exception of two maintenance men. The room itself boasted that it had a full kitchen. Traveling with kids we like having kitchens and it is something we look for in every hotel we stay in. This “kitchen” had absolutely ZERO counter space and we had to use the  kitchen table to prepare meals. There was also so little cabinet space that I literally had to stand in the sink to get to the top cabinets where the silverware trays were stacked. The knives were also duller than dull, and the shallowest spot in the pool was 3.5 feet, not really conducive to small kids.

But, with all that being said….we LOVED Vegas. It exceeded our expectations. Mimi flew into the Vegas airport to spend a special 3 days with us.

We went to the Downtown Container Park and played…which if you’ve been following us know that our dream is to build a container home so it was really extra special to see them being used in a manner similar to housing.

There happened to be a Beetles tribute and beetle car show on Freemont, which of course we enjoyed.


We did get tickets for the double decker BIG BUS off groupon. It was okay. The bus didn’t have air conditioning and was very stifling. The stops were pretty far from each other so it wasn’t that easy for those of us with little kids to make it to each stop to hop on and off. We ended up just riding to one end of the strip and walking back.

We also spent an entire day roaming the strip in the heat. I wish I had had a pedometer that day! It was flipping hot and the red cheeks definitely came through on the boys, but they did really well navigating through the hotels and their paths, corners, stores and sites. Our favorite was definitely the Venetian and the New York outside.


We went to the Knights of Excalibur  Tournament of Kings dinner show, (you may be able to find it on Groupon as well). You can see Gavin’s commentary on his voice page of the  blog. This was definitely a highlight. Jake was a perfect hurrah dude and Avilene was entranced the whole time.

We spent a day at the pool of the hotel, which was nice for the kids and incredibly stressful for me.

Vegas is MUCH cleaner than I had expected and there really is so much to do for free, and also not for free.

The kids loved seeing all the helicopters and planes coming and going. I would love to go back and spend more time away from the strip. Or have the time to go see more of the shows. I couldn’t believe how much goes on every single night and how many of them I really would enjoy seeing. Another dream would be to go to Hells Kitchen to eat and also one of the fancy schmanzy restaurants with a world renown chef.

With more time, I would have taken the kids to the aquarium and children’s museum. But each day was jammed packed. I do think the new Resorts World Hotel will be amazing, it is Asian themed!

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