We have done it! It is darn about time. Adam and I have had some rough camera luck in our time together. 1st camera…broke, 2nd camera…left in a cab, 3rd camera…dead screen, and now…the BIG ONE

For the last few months we have been talking and debating about getting a nice BIG awesomely loaded camera, but have been a bit scared to make the investment and the decision as to which one… then comes the do we buy it from the states and wait for it to be shipped, do we buy it here and hope we are getting what we want.

After some advice from a great photographer, thanks Lindsey, and a recommendation from an Australian in Bali, we decided on the Nikon D5000, it has a flip screen so we don’t scratch the screen and video which is pretty cool.

We went to Ghumo world today which is a huge electronics superstore flea market type place. We went back to the same man where we bought our Samsung VLUU whose screen has gone black and no longer works. He told us that he would send it back to the company and have it for us fixed by next weekend. So, we decided to ask him about the Nikon. I believe in the end, we got a great price. We got a UV filter lens, a 18-55 Zoom lens, cleaning kit, 4GB memory card, bag and all the accessories for a little over $800.00 which I think when we looked online for everything turned out to be a good deal, (if we ordered it from the states, the shipping would be ridiculous) So we have done it, it is now fully charged, and now we are off to YouTube to figure all the extra buttons and settings out.

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