Pretty Weird, Strange and Kind of Cool

So, there is a long story to precede this post, but I had to share. We are back in Gwangju for a few months (will explain later). Our old boss moved us into a large (the largest apartment we have ever lived in together) three bedroom apartment. Some of the furniture looks familiar and since our old apartment building is now torn down, we were guessing that some of the furniture may be from our old place, but we weren’t sure.
As I was hanging up our clothes and putting things away in the drawers, they drawers weren’t shutting properly (like the last time) So, Adam took out the drawers and began hammering to fix them… 
Just then he felt some clothes falling down from the back of the closet….and when we looked closely…
There were three pairs of Adam’s boxers (no…noone else owns banana boxers with santa hats on them) They had 2 years worth of dust on them…but they were definitely Adams.
So, yes, that used to be our wardrobe…2 years ago.
But, whats more surprising is that at least 2 other sets of people have lived with this furniture and no one has thought to take out the drawers and fix them so they work…and that no one cleaned anything thoroughly enough to find them.
Bonus, Adam now has some new underroos…once they are washed a few times. 

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  1. Yay Adam….happy to see you have a "new" wardrobe!!! Great talking to you guys via Skype tonight. I feel so very close to you when we skype. Had a good time at Auntie Judi's today. When I think that my nephew (Matt) retired….boy do I feel old!! Was a great day weather wise too. Then, to come home and talk to you guys, THAT was icing on the cake. Love you guys. Dad


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